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Third European Conference on
Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing

Preliminary Program

Preliminary timetable

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Welcome Session 
Writer's Workshops
Writer's Workshops Writer's Workshops
Afternoon Registration Publisher's Cafe 
Focus Groups 
Pattern Writing Workshop
Publisher's Cafe 
Focus Groups 
Pattern Writing Workshop
Focus Groups 
Farewell Session
Evening Welcome Reception Daily Summary 
Daily Summary 
Conference Dinner

Other activites

One of the unique features of the PLoP series of conferences is the emphasis we place on non-technical, right-brain activities. We try to create an environment that excercises the parts of the mind and body that have nothing at all to do with developing software but have everything to do with finding and writing patterns (whether they are software patterns or any other kind). These other activities include:

For the exact time of these events visit the final program we are going to publish here shortly.


Registration will start at 1600 on Wednesday afternoon (although you may arrive before this time if you wish). Registration is a very informal afair - really just an opportunity to pick up a name badge, a copy of the proceedings, and have a cup of coffee and a chat.

Welcome reception

Generously sponsored by Addison-Wesley and John Wiley and Sons, this Bavarian-style buffet will start at 1900 in the Ritterstube bar.

Welcome session

Starting at 0900, this is the first session of the conference and will outline other session activites as well giving everyone a chance to meet each other.

Daily summary

A final session at the end of each day that gives everyone a chance to find out what went on in the sessions they couldn't attend plus any other news.

Conference Dinner

A three-course sit-down meal. Another highlight of the conference program.

BOFs (Birds of a Feather)

BOF sessions can be organised by anyone to discuss anything with any group of people that are interested! If you have a subject that you find interesting, and you think other's might also be interested, organise a BOF to discuss it. A noticeboard will be available to annouce BOFs. If you're really keen and want to announce one before the start of the conference contact us at

Farewell Session

Also lead by George Platts, this session is the traditional show-down of the conference. Get latest information about publication and other hot topics - and don't miss the opportunity to say farewell to all the friends you have made or met.

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