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Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing

Writer's Workhops

As in previous years, we have three Writer's Workshop streams. The purpose of a Writer's Workshop is to review the papers submitted and offer constructive suggestions for improvement, the overriding objective being to produce patterns that benefit the entire software community. Because these sessions are based entirely on the principle of peer-review, pattern authors will play a primary role in the workshops and so will be required to remain with the workshop stream in which their paper appears throughout the conference. Non-authors may move freely between workshop streams but play a secondary role in the review process. Still we also recommend Non-Authors to stay with one workshop.

Writer's workshop A:
Patterns of Design and Implementation

Bernhard Bürgin Value with Quality
Frank Buschmann Real-time Constraints as Strategies
Jim Coplien C++ Idioms
Javier Galve-Francis, Julio Garcia-Martin & J. Manuel Burgos-Ortiz An Approach to Algorithm Design by Patterns
Michael Kenny Co-Ordinator
Ullrich Koethe Design Patterns for Independent Building Blocks
Dietmar Schütz Reactive Cross-Check
Peter Sommerlad & Marcel Rüedi Registry (in Do-it-yourself Reflection)

Writer's workshop B:
Patterns for Technical Domains

Stephane Ducasse, Rob Nebbe & Tamar Richner Type-Check Elimination: Two Reengineering Patterns
Wolfgang Keller Object/Relational Access Layers
Manfred Lange Time Patterns
Klaus Marquardt Physical Patterns
James Noble The Object System Pattern
James Noble & Charles Weir Proceedings of the Memory Preservation Society
Jorge L. Ortega Arjona & Graham Roberts Architectural Patterns for Parallel Programming
Alberto Silva & Jose Delgado The Agent Pattern

Writer's workshop C:
Patterns of Learning and Communication

Andreas Rüping Structure and Layout of Technical Documents
Andreas Rüping Writing and Reviewing Technical Documents
Elizabeth Kendall & Satya Kalikivayi Capturing And Structuring Goals: Analysis Patterns
Jutta Eckstein Incremental Role Play
Klaus Quibeldy-Cirkel ETHOS
Ralf Reißing A Presentation Pattern Language

To save some disk space on the web server we only provide Postscript versions of the paper after the conference. If you need to get the original files please email the authors or Jens Coldewey.

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