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Third European Conference on
Pattern Languages of Programming and Computing

Organizers and Helpers

This conference would not be possible without the help of dozens of helpers from the Pattern Community. Thanks to you all for investing your time.


If you have any questions please send an email to or directly to one of the chairs:

Conference Chair

Paul Dyson
Cumulus Systems Ltd.
1 High Street
Herts WD3 1ET

Tel: +44.1923.720477
Fax: +44.1923.771441

Program Chair

Jens Coldewey
Coldewey Consulting
Uhdestrasse 12
D-81477 Munich

Tel: +49-89-74995702
Fax: +49-89-74995703


Program Committee

Kent Beck
Steve Berczuk
Alistair Cockburn
Jens Coldewey
Paul Dyson
Dirk Riehle
Hans Rohnert

Focus Group Workshop Committee

Jens Coldewey
Jim Coplien
Martine Devos
Paul Dyson
Neil Harrison
James Noble
Alan O'Callaghan
Linda Rising
Charles Weir


Andreas Rüping
Antonio Rito da Silva
Bobby Woolf
Christa Schwanninger
Don Roberts
Doug Lea
Frank Buschmann
James Noble
Jens Coldewey
John Vlissides
Ken Auer
Kent Beck
Klaus Renzel
Kyle Brown
Linda Rising
Massimo Arnoldi
Michael Stal
Neil Harrison
Paul Dyson
Peter Sommerlad
Regine Meunier
Robert Hanmer
Robert Hirschfeld
Steve Berczuk
Ward Cunningham
Wolfgang Keller

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