Hirt und Schaff: Techniques of Shepherding


An essential process in the course of preparing patterns for workshops is the shepherding process. Sooner or later, nearly everyone in the patterns community is involved -- either as a shepherd or as a sheep! In this workshop, we will explore how to be a good shepherd. Equally importantly, we will discuss how to receive the advice from the shepherd; in other words, how to be a good sheep.


This workshop has two goals:
  1. Help the participants become better shepherds and sheep.
  2. Create some guidelines for shepherds and sheep that we will give to the patterns community, so as to help the entire community learn. These guidelines may provide the basis for a pattern language, although it is not our goal to create one in this workshop.

What we Will Do

Our time together will be devoted to two main activities. We will first discuss the things that good shepherds and sheep do. Then we will practice them. The approximate schedule is as follows: Total time: 2 hours 15 minutes.

Who May Come?

Anybody! No experience is necessary.

There will be no preregistration, but you are welcome to tell me in advance that you will be there.


Strictly, there is no preparation required. However, you will get a lot more out of it if you bring something to work on. It is strongly recommended that you bring a pattern that conforms to the following guidelines:


This workshop is run by: