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Mature engineering disciplines have handbooks describing solutions to known problems. Bridge designers don't design bridges using the laws of physics, they adapt solutions from the handbook known to work well enough.

Patterns can be the basis for a handbook of software engineering. They encode core solutions to problems known to arise while building systems. A complete pattern language would guide developers to produce workable software solving ordinary problems.

The PLoP Conference Series

The PLoP conference series invites you to add your expertise to the growing body of patterns. The conferences' focus is on improving the expression of patterns. You will have the opportunity to refine and extend your patterns with help from knowledgeable and sympathetic fellow pattern enthusiasts.

EuroPLoP is the European member of the PLoP conference family. Other conferences in the PLoP series include (US) PLoP, ChilliPLoP, and KoalaPLoP.

Core Program: Writer's Workshops and Pattern Writing Workshops

Both PLoP and EuroPLoP follow a different format than other conferences such as OOPSLA. The goal is to give pattern authors as much feedback as possible on their work. We want other authors to tell you what they think about your patterns, what additional insights and views they have. Every pattern and pattern language is discussed this way.

There are two kinds of workshop. "Writer's Workshops" are adopted from reviewing poetry and take the form of a peer review amongst all the authors participating. "Pattern Writing Workshops" on the other hand offer the chance for pattern authors to work on the form and content of their pattern in a mutual session with an experienced author instead of a group.

All aspects of software systems are suitable topics for submitted patterns or pattern languages. We invite patterns on programming, software design, project management, education, and so on. The actual subjects of patterns need not be original. Rather, preference will be shown to authors best able to exploit patterns in all areas of computing. Have a look at last year's program to get a feeling for the diversity of patterns submitted.

Focus Groups

Besides the core program we have additional sessions to present and discuss the current state of work on patterns. 'Focus groups' consist of a number of workshops, organised around a common theme, to be proposed by attendees. A workshop lasts two hours and is intended to be an intensive collaborative sessions where groups of interested people meet to discuss challenging topics in this area. Two themes we're particularly interested in receiving submissions for are: Right Brain ActivitiesOne of the unique features of the PLoP series of conferences is the emphasis we place on non-technical, right-brain activities. We try to create an environment that excercises the parts of the mind and body that have nothing at all to do with developing software but have everything to do with finding and writing patterns (whether they are software patterns or any other kind). These other activities include:

BOF Sessions

'Birds of a Feather' sessions are spontaneous events, organized on site. Every attendant may call for a BOF session. Contents and format of a BOF session is up to the group joining the session. Please contact the conference chairs during the conference (or before hand if you wish) to start a BOF session.

Special Sessions

Conference Fee

The conference fee will be 800 EUR.

This looks interesting ... I would like to come

Please check the registration page.

This looks interesting ... but I am a student

Contact Andreas Rüping for information on special arrangements for students (on a first come, first served basis)

Can I bring my children? My kids like to play games too!

EuroPLoP wants to be a family-friendly conference. Children participate in the games, art workshops, and social activities. Probably we will also provide professional childcare during the workshop hours (with insurance). If you plan to bring your children, please contact Andreas Rüping.