Call for Papers / Important Dates

Papers can no longer be submitted.

The following information is left here only to document the submission details of EuroPLoP 2000.

Pattern Papers

Submissions should be patterns. Authors should submit an electronic copy of their paper in English by March 3, 2000 to the conference chairs. Format should be PostScript, PDF or HTML (zipped files are welcome). Each paper must be prefaced with ASCII text containing the paper's title, author's names, email address, postal address, phone and fax number, and a 100-word abstract. We recommend that submissions not exceed 10 pages.

Focus Group Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposers should submit a short description of their workshop by February 25, 2000 to the conference chairs. Format should be plain text. Each proposal should include a brief description of the problem or area that will be addressed, the objectives of the workshop, the format of the workshop (including a rough outline of the schedule) and the requirements for the attendees (e.g. do they need to submit a position paper and what are the deadlines for submission?).

Important Dates (Deadlines)

The Shepherding and Reviewing Process

Pattern submissions to EuroPLoP are not just reviewed, instead they are shepherded. This means that an experienced and non-anonymous person will help you improve your work prior to EuroPLoP so that it can be accepted for review at the conference. After the shepherding process the program committee decides whether an accepted paper is workshopped in a Writer's Workshop or in a Pattern Writing Workshop.

Focus group submissions are anonymously peer reviewed as for other conferences.

The Publication Process

All patterns accepted for EuroPLoP will appear in the Preliminary Conference Proceedings. These proceedings are an internal paper and are not citable. However, they are available via the World Wide Web. After the conference we will collect updated versions of accepted writers' workshop papers and these will be published in a Final Conference Proceedings - a citeable publication.

Note that the proceedings will not be published as a part of the Software Patterns Series as with the PLoPD books. However, being workshoped at a conference such as EuroPLoP is one of the preconditions for publication in the Software Pattern Series. Pattern authors retain full copyright on their patterns.